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There are many opportunities to support St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School

The Mission of the Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO) is to operate as a qualified school tuition organization according to ARS43-1089. The CTSO accepts contributions from taxpayers, earning them a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, and allocates funds for tuition assistance or scholarships to students in grades K-12.

This means that when you send a contribution of $2177 if filing jointly or up to $1089 if filing singly, the State will provide you a dollar-for-dollar-tax credit. This is a wonderful way for individuals to provide tuition assistance for students in Catholic schools at no additional cost to them. If you chose not to participate in the CTSO, the State will control those same tax dollars instead of you directing the dollars to a Catholic School.

Personal Contributions

REMEMBER to mark St. Elizabeth Ann Seton as your designated school!

  • Make an online credit card contribution on CTSO's safe and secure site:
  • Pay with credit card or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) by phone at 520-838-2558.
  • Mail your contribution by check or credit card using the Printable Payment Form
  • Scheduled Payment Plan
More information about using your tax dollars to fund scholarships for SEAS Students from Arizona Tuition Connection is provided at this link.

Corporate Contributions

Arizona's new Corporate Tax Credit (SB 1499 and SB1404) allows corporations to direct a contribution to a qualified school tuition organization (STO) and, at the same time, receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona state tax liability.

Angel Fund

Funded by generous support of the parish and school community, the Angel fund is an umbrella which covers donations for needy St. Elizabeth Ann Seton families that truly want a Catholic Education for their children, but are experiencing some financial difficulty at this time. All applications and disbursements are kept strictly confidential. This fund is a reflection of how our parish truly values the importance of providing access to a Catholic Education for all of our parishioners.

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